James Khuri

About James Khuri: 

James Khuri has shown that in order to be successful, you must be able to change with the times. He's shown this many times. In the most recent COVID-19 outbreak, this is not the case. He saw how people around the world bought things and did business change as more people used the internet and digital gadgets. As a result, he said that office buildings, retail complexes, and malls would become out-of-date a lot faster than he thought.

He also saw a rise in the need for cold warehouse space because big e-commerce companies and supermarkets want more space to store their goods. When the pandemic started, people started buying things online more and more. In 2020, that will change even more, and it will be a big change. He doesn't think this trend will change.

James Khuri has had a lot of success because he has made good business decisions. Not only does he not borrow money from banks to keep his businesses going, but it's one of the most well-known things about him. He says that banks use loans to keep businesses under their control. This goes against his father's admonition to "never exhibit vulnerability." When someone told him to control everything, he took it very seriously.So, he has self-financed five of his businesses and has no plans to change that in the future.